Monday, March 21, 2011

the overview of my neighbourhood

chua chu kang Lot 1

bukit panjang Swimming complex

bukit panjang LRT

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

  bukit panjang neighborhood

               bukit panjang neighborhood have many changes.It started as a place with nothing only HDB .But as years go by , LRT started to be build then by the shopping malls.
               Originally Bukit Panjang is all hills but the government torn down the hills and made the ground flat to build HDBs.

                As the place used to be hills s the government name it bukit panjang  which
is in malay meaning long hill in english.

              Now bukit panjang is a place filled with shopping malls and community centre.
            The few interesting place in Bukit Panjang is the: swimming complex ,the shopping mall named lot 1 and the bukit panjang LRT